Faith In Others

Just recently The Lord had been dealing with me on delegating. In the book, DK Essential Managers: How To Delegate, Robert Heller says, “Delegation involves entrusting another person with a task for which the delegator remains ultimately responsible.” One of the reasons that I was hesitant to delegate was that I didn’t want to over burden a person with something to do.

I’m starting to learn more and more that people want to be pushed and challenged. Of course, I believe that they want to be challenged and pushed within reason.

It is rewarding to see a person excited and encouraged when they accomplish the task(s) that were delegated to them. There is nothing like seeing people grow in their talent and ability. God has given us ability and talents that need to be used. We can be an instrument in the growth of another person through delegation.

Sometimes we may think we can complete a task better than someone else. We may find out that someone else can accomplish the task better than we can when we allow someone else to accomplish the task.

I’ve recently seen the rewards of delegating and plan to delegate more and more. We can’t do everything on our own. We need others to help us accomplish all that God has us to do.


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